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Portrait Gallery: Ensuring Equity and Excellence for All Learners

At the eighth annual School Redesign in Action conference, participants were asked to reflect on an essential question:

How do you ensure equity and excellence for all learners?

John Noltner, photographer and founder of the multimedia arts project A Peace of My Mind, captured participants and their answers to the essential question in this stunning portrait series.

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How Do Colleges View Proficiency-Based Transcripts?

A goal of proficiency-based learning is to create more college-ready students. How are colleges getting ready for them?

Read our latest Leadership in Action Brief to find out.

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Common Data Project

The five state education agencies (SEAs) participating in the NESSC have been collecting, calculating, and reporting data using consistent procedures and methodologies developed by a regional team of data specialists from the departments and agencies of education.
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College Admissions

70 New England Institutions of Higher Education State that Proficiency-Based Diplomas Do Not Disadvantage Applicants

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The Glossary of Education Reform

Created by the Great Schools Partnership, the Glossary of Education Reform is a comprehensive online resource that describes widely used school-improvement terms, concepts, and strategies for journalists, parents, and community members.

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Proficiency-Based Learning Simplified

Developed by the Great Schools Partnership, Proficiency-Based Learning Simplified helps schools develop efficient and effective standards-based systems that will prepare all students for success in the colleges, careers and communities of the 21st century.

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What Are Personal Learning Plans?

Personal learning plans can bring greater focus and purpose to the decisions students make about their education.

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